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Spanking Sex Games Pleases Your Impact Play Fantasies

When it comes to BDSM, one of the most popular kinks in the genre is impact play. Not everyone knows all the terminology of the BDSM culture, but impact play is all about physical punishments. No matter if it comes in the form or spanking, slapping, whipping paddling or any other ways through which a slave can be struck, you will find all these kinks in the collection of Spanking Sex Games. This brand-new site of ours is featuring the hottest BDSM simulators of the moment. Besides, we also come with all kinds of other game genres in which you can enjoy BDSM adventures that will please your urge to dominate helpless slaves.

All the games that we have on our site are from the new generation of HTML5 games. Because these new games look so realistic through graphics and motion, but also through sound effects, we have to start with a warning. Some of the titles in this collection are so realistic that some of you might start feeling sorry for the slaves, while others will find the gameplay straight on scandalous and offensive. With that being said, if you’re into extreme BDSM, this is the site for you. If you’re on the vanilla side of sex, you might want to look for hardcore sex gaming in other places.

The Many BDSM Adventures Of Spanking Sex Games

When it comes to game genres, the most popular of them all on our site is the BDSM simulator. What this kind of games does is to put you in the perspective of a master or mistress and give you the liberty of punishing sex slaves however you want. In most cases, the sex slaves are helpless ladies, but we did find some female domination games in which you will get to punish some tied up dudes. The possibilities for impact play in these games are endless. There will be all kinds of tools you can use on the bodies of your slaves. And there are many other side kinks you can enjoy.

But it’s not just BDSM simulators on our site. We also come with come complex games. We have RPG sex games in which you can enjoy wild interaction with all kinds of characters. These games will take you through the process of finding and training sex slaves. If you like stories in your games, you should go for the text-based games of our collection. These games are coming with multiple endings based on the decisions you will make in the games.

Another category you will love on our site will be the parody sex games one. These games are giving you the chance to punish some of the most famous characters from movies and TV shows, but also from cartoons and anime. You should really check out the Kasumi sex games because she has one of the most responsive bodies in all BDSM porn. Turn her legendary things into read hulks of meat while she’s tied up on a post and make her scream and cry.

Spanking Sex Games Is Free And Up To Date

Although we have many games in our collection, you’ll go through them with ease thanks to our well-organized website. Once you find a game, you will be able to play it directly into your browser. There will be no downloads and no waiting time. The games are all coming in HTML5 and this new generation of games is completely cross platform ready. You will be able to play them on any device, including tablets and smartphones. As long as you can run an up-to-date browser on your device, you will be able to play our games. However, we recommend playing these games on a computer with a big screen. That’s because the graphics are amazing and you will get a much more immersive experience while playing the games on a big screen. And if you will throw in a pair of good head phones to your sex gaming setup, you’ll feel like you’re inside the game.

All the games on our site are completely free. You won’t have to pay for anything and there are no strings attached to our offer. We don’t make you register on our site and we won’t force you to watch ads over ads. We just want to offer you a platform where you can enjoy hardcore gaming and we want you to come back and check out our weekly uploads.

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